Friday, July 1, 2011

Four days of vagabonding: Day 0-1

(This is an experiment. I am going to do all four days blogging on my iPhone, typing on its the tiny keypad)

When I got home from work, Jane had the boat ready to go. We left immediately. Since it was pretty late, we needed to be destination-oriented (a curse, I know). The wind was out of the NW and strong at 20+ kt, so pure sailing was not in the cards. Instead, we motor-sailed under a reefed main, almost directly into the wind, and anchored in Port Madison. We had a dinner of BBQ beef and corn on the cob, read for a while, and went to bed.

Sleeping at anchor is so peaceful. It is absolutely silent, and the gentle motion of the boat lulls you into the deepest sleep you'll ever have.

I awoke this morning with sunlight streaming thru the hatch above our berth. I think there is scarcely a better way to be awakened. It is warm in the cabin, 60 degrees, and comfortable sitting outside here in the cockpit, where I am picking this out with a single finger.

It is now 07:15, and boats are beginning to move, trailing silvery ribbons of wake behind. They are heading to what will be a huge gathering in Liberty Bay at Poulsbo. You see, in order to avoid competition with Seattle, Poulsbo does their July 4th fireworks on July 3rd. And tho we are also going to Poulsbo, I intend to be out of there before Sunday evening - all the crowding and craziness is not appealing.

And now I must go make Jane a latte. Each of us has his/her alarm clock - mine was sunlight; Jane's is the rushing sound of the steaming milk. And then the day will begin.
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