Friday, July 15, 2011


Well yes, since you asked, that *is* two cheese blintzes topped with strawberry/raspberry jam and whipped cream.  And in an amazing coincidence, this morning I again took Jane to the airport just like I did nearly a year ago.  And as I passed by the IHOP, I found that the car had mysteriously turned into the parking lot without any input from me. 

But, like Ron Popeil says, "Wait! There's more!"  This is only a part of a low-calorie, nutritious breakfast.   Adding to the cheese and sugar (And fruit! Feel healthy!) food groups, the repast was well-balanced with contributions from the smoked meat, grease and starch food groups as well.  And eggs (Are they a food group? The proto-chicken food group?).  I love how IHOP always provides a balanced meal.

So it seems that a tradition has formed. I always wondered how they started.

Just like I wondered how I ended up in the IHOP parking lot.

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