Monday, February 6, 2012

Cold toothpaste

When toothpaste is cold, it is stiff.  I mean so stiff that you fear rupturing the tube when you lean on it to try to squeeze some out.

One of the objectives that I set for myself in writing this blog was to convey to those of you who are not, what it is like to live on a boat.  The toothpaste is part of that.

Eolian's interior is designed so that almost universally there is cabinetry against the hull in the living spaces.  Beyond being just a well-designed use of space, this has the further advantage of providing some insulation against the outside temperatures.  So, your clothes help keep the interior of the boat warm when they are hanging in the hanging locker, just like they keep you warm when they are hanging on your body.

And when you open the medicine cabinet behind the sink in the aft head, you find it full of cold air.

And stiff toothpaste.


Deb said...

On the flip side, there's just nothing quite like waking up toasty under piles of quilts in the v-berth and realizing that you don't actually have to get up to make the morning commute to a 9-5 job...

S/V Kintala

bob said...

Deb -

Ah yes, there is that!


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