Friday, February 17, 2012

Maintenance flowchart

(Credit where credit is due... seen originally on s/v Estrellita's facebook page.)


Anonymous said...

Delightfully simple!

Richard, nb Indigo Dream
(who is unable to make openid work nowadays so can only be anonymous)

bob said...

Hi Richard -

I'd think it would apply to narrow boating too, except the bottle of Corona would be replaced with a mug of rich dark ale.


Anonymous said...

Depends on the time of day! Indigo Dream runs on copious amounts of excellent coffee for much of the day before beers of various colours come out, and yes we like Corona. If we have Irish guests then the ale gets particularly dark though if Greyhound Lou agrees to allowing 2 foster greyhounds into the pack this weekend then it will be a dry bread and diet ...

(who is missing boating at the moment thanks to too much work and getting iced just as we were about to go for a jaunt up the Thames)

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