Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's at Nason Creek

A little more than half way down the east side of Cascades, our three days at a snow-bound cabin at Nason Creek had it all:
  • The advertised snow. There was 3-4 feet on the ground, with more in places. We had to dig down to the lid on the propane tank, and had to shovel out the swings on this playhouse.
  • Snow angels.
  • Sledding. 
  • Snow ice cream
  • Dogs going nuts in the snow.
  • Skiing at Stevens Pass (20 minutes away).
  • There were ample adult beverages.
  • There were Christmas presents.
  • There was the infamous incident of the shot-ski.
  • There was hot tubbing in the snow.
And there was family time. Lots of family time - it was the sea we swam in for a time.

But I will cherish forever a magical time-stopped moment when Grampa and Hazel, separated by 64 years, had a quiet conversation while sitting side by side in two swings out in the snow. The subject, you ask? I promised not to tell.


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