Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The tides, the view

This time of year, we experience the highest tides of the year.  This is caused by the position of the Earth in its orbit - tho it may be winter here in the Northern Hemisphere, the Earth is actually at perihelion - its closest approach to the sun.

The "king" tides lift our boat so high that the breakwater in the marina is no obstruction at all to our western view, giving us a glimpse of that cross-sound view which makes us feel like a gardener with seeds - when it is too early to plant.

So here we sit, looking across the Sound with that seed catalog longing, dreaming and making plans for Spring.


Petr and Jana said...

Sound truly lovely. One thing is missing though... a picture of your view. Don't be greedy, share that with us ;)

Robert Salnick said...

Petr/Jana -

OK :)


Anonymous said...

It's a beautiful view that we miss. I can recall the beautiful sun sets and frosty mornings.

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