Sunday, January 6, 2013

New year's resolutions

'Tis the season.  Every blogger worth his or her salt is doing a post about New Year's resolutions.   Universally, they will deal with such important things as losing weight, working on relationships, etc.  But not on this blog, no siree, not here.

Here we deal with life aboard.  And our new year's resolutions correspond.

This is indeed the season for it.  At least this once a year, you must take off those salt-encrusted rose colored glasses and make a frank assessment of which of your major projects will be for this year. 

You can't escape it - new boat or old, of course there will be projects - something you have been putting off, something that needs to be fixed or repaired, some new piece of boat jewelry to be procured, (and then installed!).  Something you have been avoiding, perhaps.  Something you have been avoiding, more than likely.

So here and now, make that resolution.  Resolve to take on that difficult project. 

Come on - you know you have one.   And what better time than now?

So, what's your project? 



Deb said...

To cast off the dock lines :)

S/V Kintala

Courtney said...

So Bob, what'll you do first? It's cold and wet out there today, an indoor project perhaps?

Robert Salnick said...


I have two in mind, but I'm keeping them secret until I see if I get to either of them. (Yeah, I know - that's cheating, isn't it?)


SV Estrellita 5.10b said...

Raise the waterline.


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