Monday, April 22, 2013

Something is not quite right

Something is missing...

Something is not quite right.

At Shilshole, the slips are in pairs; they are horseshoe shaped, with one boat tying up to its port side and the other in the pair tying up to its starboard side.

We are the port side tie-up in our horseshoe.

Over the years that we have been moored here, slip-mates have come and gone.  But the one constant has been that there has been a slip-mate.

But when your slip mate pulls out for 5 months (and still counting...) of major work, something is not quite right.  Sure, when you look out the window, it is obvious that the boat is gone.

But when you are not looking out the window, your unconscious nags you, communicating in the only way it can.  Back in your conscious life, that communication manifests as a vague feeling that something is amiss.

And then you consciously look out the window again, and...

Oh.  Yeah - the boat's gone.

C'mon Wander Bird, it's time to get back in the water.

A constant is missing.



Doug said...

We could drop by for a visit ! Would your neighbor give their consent to use the slip for a night or two ?

Doug & Ruth

Robert Salnick said...

Doug -

I don't know - you'd have to talk to them.

I have their phone number at home - send me an email address and I'll get it to you tonite


Deb said...

I felt that way when we turned Kintala around for the winter. The dock sounds were all wrong. We face the North for the winter so the dodger shields the companionway from the North wind, then turn her around in the Spring to protect from the Southwest storms. It's funny how you get to depend on seeing and hearing the same things for orientation when below.

S/V Kintala

Robert Salnick said...

Just remember not to step off the wrong side of the boat Deb!

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