Thursday, June 25, 2009

Best laid plans...

Last nite we were supposed to have a birthday celebration for Jane. Well, we did have the celebration (combined with a delayed Father's Day celebration, too), but not the way that was originally planned.

The original plan was to launch Ken & Erica's boat, Firecracker, and have a Cleats 'n Eats cruise from Ballard to Ivars, where we would do a light dinner, and then do a wine cruise on Lake Union as the sun went down.

Unfortunately, in true nautical fashion, the weather did not cooperate. Black clouds rolled in and there were high winds (and they blew at 15-25 kt all night long, and are still blowing right now), and so a plan revision was called for.

Instead, we gathered at Ken & Erica's house for pizza and beer, and then to keep a nautical touch, we watched Master and Commander to finish the evening.

It was a great nite, and no one got wet!

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