Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Vitamin D

There is a continuing series of articles about how Seattlites suffer from a vitamin D deficiency. It seems that we see the sun so rarely here that we don't manufacture enough vitamin D in our skin. And then when the sun does shine, we are so scared of it that we won't go outside without slathering on a thick layer of SPF 50.

I absolutely love this time of year. Sunrise today, here at latitude 47 and a half degrees, was at 05:11 AM, and sunset won't be until 9:10 PM - the long days are to me like cool water is to a desert traveller. I live for them.

I woke up at 04:00 AM this morning - it was just starting to get light. I made myself a latte and sat out on the deck. (Have I said before that I like to be up before everyone else?) It was calm, and remarkably quiet - the loudest thing was the sound of the swallows and robins out on the breakwater, who were just waking up and chattering to each other.

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