Thursday, June 4, 2009

(The) Last Night

I don't know if our weather here in Seattle has been gaining any national publicity... but it has been delightfully warm. All week, there have been gatherings on the dock every evening, but last night, for me anyway, was the culminating one. Perhaps because, very unusually, there was no wind.

We had Roy from Mabrouka, Fred from Black Opal, Doug and Ruth from Angelique, Curtis from Wind Dancer, Scott, Angela, Zack and Ellie from Ghost and Jane and I (did I leave anyone out?), all sitting in collapsible lawn chairs (de rigure for dock gatherings), talking and drinking wine, etc. Finally I got my guitar out and we passed it around and around. It was still warm when things broke up finally at 10:30.

The weather is now predicted to change, drastically. We are told to expect a "marine push" tomorrow, with temperatures 25- 30 degrees lower.


Curtis Wood said...

There were at least one or two cats thay visited.

bob said...

Sorry - I originally left out Zack and Ellie, but they were never actually seated anyway, being on net patrol.


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