Monday, February 22, 2010

Project: FWD Head Replacement - DONE!

Aaand... it's done. I spent this afternoon mounting it and hooking up the plumbing. I even had to take a walk in the wonderful warm afternoon sun over to West Marine to get a single 5/16" bolt (I only had 3 of them) to make the attachment to the floor.

Oh, yeah, and I tested it. It works. No more needs to be said about that.


audeojude said...

I recently put one of these in. Its not much more expensive than a rebuild kit if you get it on sale. The one I have installed is working great. Also they are easy to install if your just replacing the same style head.

I have a friend down in Florida with a Jeaneau 43 that replaced a head in it with one and he said that after full time use for about 6 months or so that the twist lock seal failed and it is back flowing like the older style.

I just purchased a composting head last week and am waiting on it to be delivered. We will see how that turns out this year :)

bob said...

Let us know how the composting head works out, Scott... I think there are a lot of folks who will be interested.


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