Monday, February 15, 2010

Project: FWD Head Redemption

So I cracked down this morning and got on it. No, this is not the morning's reading list... This is weighty volumes helping me out. There was a bubble in the top layer of the teak and holly plywood which makes up our sole, caused by moisture from the old head. I drilled a series of small holes into the bubble and injected 30 minute epoxy thru them with a syringe. The books did yeoman duty holding the bubble flat while the epoxy cured.

Next I over-drilled the old mounting holes and inserted bungs, using 5 minute epoxy this time. After this cured, I cut the bungs off with a chisel and sanded them flat, in the process also sanding off the extra epoxy on the surface from the bungs, and what had bled out of the bubble.

Finally, the first coat of varnish is on. Yes, I know it looks about the same as the "before" picture. But please humor me and tell me it looks way better. That way I will be encouraged to put on another three or so coats.

1 comment:

Curtis Wood said...

How do you find time to do all this and blog as well? I am impressed!

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