Friday, February 26, 2010

Irrational Exuberance

That expression was made a permanent part of the lexicon by Alan Greenspan, describing the stock markets.

Mr Greenspan's subject matter notwithstanding, I am feeling exuberant - irrationally so.

Is it the longer days?

Is it the warmer temperatures?

Maybe it is the perfume-filled air. The trees are beginning their spring extravaganza - flowers are appearing everywhere. I hear robins again, in the bushes and trees while I am waiting for the bus in the early morning. The dogwood at the building where I work, the explosion of flowers across the street are an herbivorous exclamation of joy! And Seattle is blanketed with pink from the plum trees blooming everywhere. How can I help but to emotionally chime in.

This euphoria has a name: Spring Fever. And I've got it, bad.

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