Monday, February 1, 2010

Seattle Boat Show, Winter 2010

Jane and I spent today at the Seattle Boat Show, billed as the largest boat show on the west coast. The show takes over the entire south end of Lake Union with literally hundreds of large boats, in the water. And the Quest Event Center is equally filled with more hundreds of smaller boats, up on blocks.

Normally I like to keep this blog positive, but frankly, I must confess I was disappointed. We did the outdoor show first, at Lake Union. At least 80% of the boats were power boats. The proportion of sailboats in the boat shows has been falling for several years running, with a brief respite a couple of years back when diesel was selling for $4.50/gallon (filling the 1200 gallon tankage on a 55' power boat was then a serious commitment). But the fall has resumed.

With the exception of a Dana 24, there were no sailboats of size in the indoor exposition. I am not counting the Hobies, nor the Macgregors (which hardly qualify as sailboats). Nor the delightful collection brought by the Gig Harbor Boat Works. But Hunter, Benneteau, Catalina, etc. were just not there.

But to end on a positive note, a local (Bellingham) builder: Norstar, was represented at the outdoor show with a new Norstar 40. We thought that this Robert Perry-designed boat was well thought-out and well built. He is getting positive press from the local and national yachting publications, and he told us that he was seeing a lot of interest at the show. We wish him luck and success!

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