Monday, January 3, 2011

iPhone App Recommendation #3

Ever wanted to make 3D pictures?  Now you can, with your iPhone, using the "3D Camera" app.

The app can produce stereo pairs, which you view by letting your eyes relax and staring off into the distance, blending the left and right images into a third image which will appear between them (yes, it's a skill which takes some practice).   It helps if you pick out a prominent feature in both images and concentrate on overlaying that feature in the center.  When you get it, everything magically snaps into place!

If you have a pair of those red/blue glasses, the app can also produce both color and grayscale red/blue anaglyphs.  Finally, it can also produce an animated gif of the left and right images which gives depth cues by rapidly alternating between them.

OK, now let's see some great stereo pictures of boat interiors and anchorages!

1 comment:

Drew Frye said...

Very cool. After just a few seconds, I was in you boat!

I'm not sure what I would use the feature for, but neat.

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