Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New crew training: Lesson #1

Our granddaughter Hazel is now 9 months old - certainly old enough to begin training for her crew position on Eolian.

So when Ken and Erica brought her on board recently, we started.  It went something like this:

Me - "Why don't we sit down and learn about the catches that hold the drawers shut in a seaway."

Hazel - "La!  Laoooie."

Me - "The hook, which is made of brass and is attached to the framework gets fitted into the eye on the drawer."

Hazel - "Reeeeee!"

Me - "In this way, the drawer is prevented...  No, wait.  Hazel?  No honey..."

Hazel - "Mummm.  Mmmm..."

Me - "OK, maybe now really is a perfect time to learn what brass tastes like."
We are looking forward to many more crew training sessions.


erica said...

Yay! Brass is yummy! She is learning her metals chemistry already!

Robert Salnick said...

Acorn: tree

short distance

Anonymous said...

That was the best play-by-play I've read to date. And accurate!


Rowan said...

Too cute! She is adorable.

Beka said...

too cute!

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