Friday, January 7, 2011

No skiing today

Today was going to be a ski day.

Not anymore.  Today I need to rod out the aft head lines.  And it is raining at the Stevens Pas ski area anyway.

So here's the drill:

First, empty the cabinet behind the head proper.  We put the stuff on the bed because it is convenient, and it is nearby.  Then remove the internal cabinet shelving (also goes onto the bed).

Next, remove the hoses on the Y valve, exposing a path into the lines.  Several years ago, I replaced almost all the hoses with hard 1.5" PVC plumbing pipe to forever get away from the "permeation" problem.  But there are still short lengths of hose at the ends of the pipe runs to make the various hookups.

And... get out the manual sewer snake and begin cranking and feeding the snake into the pipe.  The lime deposits that form as a reaction product between sea water and urine are not terribly hard (at least if you don't leave them in there for years, giving them a chance to recrystallize and consoladate), so this is not terribly difficult, just tedious.

And smelly.

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