Friday, January 21, 2011

Winter green

White livesavers.

Green jellybeans.

White crème de menthe.

....things that the term "wintergreen" brings to mind.  

But here in Seattle "winter green" means something else entirely.  Our nearly constant rain and relatively mild temperatures (recent snow notwithstanding) make for burgeoning cultures of mildew and algae almost everywhere.

Here at the partners, where the mast penetrates the deck, I was clearly remiss in not picking up the end of the coiled jib halyard when it fell to the deck.  Happy algae having a party!

And if that was happy algae, here on the side deck there is nothing if not an algae orgy going on. 

So why is all this here?  Well, it's because no one wants to go out and stand in the cold rain and clean the deck with a brush and a bucket of soapy water.  When it is warm out, this is a satisfying task.

But for the next few months, the algae is going to get a good start at taking over the world, starting right here on our deck.

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