Saturday, December 3, 2011

Getting ready for the season

'Tis the season
We finally have the Christmas lites up in the rigging on Eolian.  Now this is not an easy task.  The lites themselves make endless problems with tangling, and are wont to snag on anything and everything, including each other.  And then there are the logistics of getting things up there at the top of the masts without having them wrapped around a shroud or a halyard or something.  This is the second year that we have strung lites in the rigging - it wasn't easy last year either.  You'd think I would have remembered something from last year, but sadly no.

Finally, everything is up and you wait with anticipation the coming of the dark.

Only to find that more than half of the strings remain unlit. 

And then it's the work week, and it is dark when you come home, so it's not possible to investigate and solve the snaggle-toothed lite display.

Now that the work week is over, today I pulled everything down again and took a look.  I discovered a burned out LED, an LED with a melted lead, and a broken wire.  And several loose bulbs.  I think we'll have a complete lite display, tonite.

I hope.

Christmas at 32 knots can be difficult.

One little gap isn't bad, is it?


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