Saturday, December 31, 2011

A little G Dock New Year's excitement

m/v Clupea
This morning when Steve cranked the starter on m/v Clupea, a gorgeous old wood boat, the starter solenoid exploded, starting a fire.

Steve was able to extinguish the fire before any real harm was done, and then he called the Fire Department to come check out everything with their IR gear to make sure that the fire was really out (I would not have thought of that).  Thank heavens that Clupea is a diesel boat.

A flash of genius
And thank heavens that Steve was able to get the fire out with what he had on board, since the Marina has recently implemented a policy of shutting down the fire hoses on the docks for the winter.   (Thankfully, most boat fires do not happen in the winter.  Oh, wait...)

The sign is cheaper

I suppose they have discovered that it is far cheaper to put up a notice than to properly maintain all those pesky freeze protection valves...


Drew Frye said...

I've never been in a marina that had fire lines, not even the fuel docks. Those dock-side fires I've seen were fought (ineffectively) from a great distance with shore lines.

Twice I've had fans start smoking while sailing well off-shore. Not surprisingly, the first time we were slow finding the source since the fan did such a good job of spreading the smoke.

Really gets the blood pumping.

bob said...

Drew -

The people who designed this marina in the early 60's anticipated that stringing hoses down more than 1000' of dock could be a problem, thus they provided the on-dock fire hoses (could it be a code issue? I don't know).

I'm glad that your offshore fire experience wasn't more serious - even a small fan could have started flammable interior materials...


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