Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers' Day, Seattle Style

Today for Mothers' Day, because Jane requested it, our son Adam took Jane (and I) kayaking on Lake Union. Adam has his own kayak (he built it - it's a Chesapeake Light Craft), but we don't so I rented Jane and I a two-holer from a place on Westlake.

I have been in kayaks before, but this was Jane's first experience in the tippy craft. She was a natural! We explored up the west side of Lake Union to the Sleepless in Seattle house, and then cut across the lake to the east side where we went into each of the narrow waterways between the floating houses.

What a unique lifestyle! And for virtually all of the houses, plants seem to be an absolute requirement. Greenery and flowers were everywhere! The houses in the old section are all terribly unique, unusual and very interesting. There is a new section of floating houses at the northeast corner of the lake - great houses, but utterly lacking the character of these.

When we started back across the lake, a race developed! We were doing really good, but then were forced to retire when one of our rudder cables broke and we started going in circles. We got back ok, steering with the paddles, but this is a lot less precise, and not suitable for racing, or so we said.

After the kayaking, we retired to Adam's house, where Ken and Erica joined us for for grilled hamburgers and a few glasses of Adam's chocolate mint stout, topping off the evening with some superb family time.

Mothers' Day, as only Seattle can do it.

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