Sunday, May 3, 2009

OK, I admit that I was whining yesterday

The weather man seemd to have it in for us - tempting us with a favorable forecast, and then once we were committed, dashing our hopes. And so I moped around all day yesterday, feeling quite put upon. You'll recall that the NOAA forecast was for rain for the foreseeable future.

Well, we awoke this morning to bright sunshine and calm winds, despite rain and wind all night long. It was so unexpected, I actually thought for a moment that I was still dreaming. Even before my first cup of coffee, I checked NOAA... and they said it was going to be sunny and calm winds today. What a difference 24 hours makes!

So we did it. It took 9 hours of hard labor for both Jane and I, and a lot of help from our son Adam, Fred (Black Opal), and Curtis (Wind Dancer, the slip next to us). There were no breaks for pictures, so I don't have any showing the installation. But believe in magic: all 16 holes, so carefully laid out and drilled, lined up perfectly.

The sampson posts are in, and all the deck openings are sealed with polysulphide sealant. The rig is re-tensioned, more or less - I need to check it again when it can be the primary object of my focus.

Still remaining for next weekend: the anchor windlass and the bow pulpit. Jane is taking in the anchor and the 50' chain leader for the rope rode on the port side of the anchor locker for regalvanizing tomorrow. And we still need a few nuts and cotter pins. But we are now enjoying a well-deserved glass of wine and celebrating the completed job.

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