Friday, May 22, 2009

Weekend Report 5/22: *NOT* a project!


We are off the dock! For the first time since last August, Eolian is a boat instead of a floating teak-lined apartment that soaks up time and money!

We left the dock at about 10:50, hoping that the daily winds would have built up some by that point - not so. We motored over to Agate Pass (where I took some pictures to add to the Agate Pass destination post). Then thru Keyport and into Liberty Bay. We are currently anchored off Poulsbo (wifi is a great invention!). I took more pictures to add to the Poulsbo destination post too. (When I originally did these posts, I was embarrassed to find that I had lost my pictures for these areas).

Of course, the winds came up not long after we dropped the anchor. But we were anxious to get away from the dock, and then there is the tide thru Agate Pass to contend with.

I really do want to do some sailing because I want to put some strain on the rig and recheck things afterward. But there are 3 more days, with essentially identical weather forecasts, so we should have plenty of opportunity.

In the meantime, wine, and marinated rib-eye steaks await!


hootenannie said...

What a dreamy life. :) Have a great weekend - and I hope she holds up! :)

bob said...

Indeed. It makes all the work worth it!

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