Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A break in the clouds

I am very much a creature of my environment.

And here in Seattle it has been a long, long dreary spell of rain and overcast, and cold.  But this afternoon (Sunday), for a brief period, a hole in the clouds appeared right over Eolian - the sun came out!

The change in my mood was electric!  I started rushing around getting things done, and came up with 4 ideas for blog posts while I was doing so.  It was one of those afternoons when, even tho the temperatures do not permit it, you want to open the windows and change out some winter air for some spring air.   And so I did it - I opened up the forward hatch and let some of that fresh cool air in below.

The heat pump almost immediately kicked in.  Well, I guess I knew that was going to happen.  I didn't leave it open for long.

But I did have it open.

Spring is coming.

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