Friday, February 11, 2011

Kayaks and sailboats

What do kayaks and sailboats have in common?
  • They are both quiet
  • They both travel at the speed of life
  • Neither uses fuel 
  • Both serve well as platforms for observing wildlife
So I guess it is not surprising that we see more and more people are carrying kayaks on their sailboats.  Oh sure, the tender is a necessity for hauling things, but the kayak is the answer for exploring an anchorage quietly, unobtrusively.

Tho I am not an experienced kayaker by any means, I do have some familiarity with the tippy little craft.  It boggles me to imagine getting into one from a sailboat, unless that boat has a sugar-scoop stern or a boarding ladder like Ghost's.

So today here's a question for you gentle readers who are carrying kayaks:

How do you board 'em? 


1 comment:

Verena said...

VERY carefully! And lately without a cellphone in my pocket! :-)

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