Monday, February 7, 2011


Memes are funny like this: you can read about something, say "Ha ha -  that doesn't affect me," and go on your merry way presuming that you have made an end to it.

But a meme is a seed.  Once planted in your brain, it burrows deep.  It sprouts in your subconscious, spreading roots, making itself part of you, but leaving you completely unaware that it is doing so.

Do not think about IHOP
And then one day, *pop* one of the tendrils breaches the membrane between the subconscious and the conscious - an idea has just occurred to you!

Yesterday, Jane suggested that we stop in at an IHOP.


Coincidence?  You decide.
And amazingly, she ordered the same nutritious lo-calorie stuffed french toast combo breakfast that I enjoyed on my earlier solo visit.

{cue creepy Twilight Zone music}

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