Monday, February 28, 2011


What is it about cats?

I don't get it.  I am clearly missing some key cognitive connection in my brain.  A connection that thousands of apparently otherwise sane individuals have - one that causes them to spend an embarrassing amount of time combing thru the Internet searching for pictures of...


There is one page on this blog (other than this one) that mentions cats. One page out of 400.  Yet that page continues to get a steady stream of hits from these kitty porn devotees.

And even stranger, Adam's fiancee used to run a blog that continued to get visitors who were searching for the combination of terms "splenda" and "cats".   Now, I am at a complete loss here.  I can't come up with any non-recipe line of reasoning that would lead to someone looking for the combination of an artificial sweetener and... cats.  But then, as I said, I am missing some key cognitive cat-related connection.

I have come to regard the cat-searchers as some weird undercurrent of  world-wide society.  They live among us (they always have), largely undetected.  If not for the Internet and hit-counters, they would probably have remained completely undetected.  But they are out there.

And certain as the sunrise, this page is sure to draw them.
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