Friday, February 18, 2011

Not an observer

Living on a boat in a marina, one thing that is always there is that 1020 feet of dock between the boat and shore.

Let me put that in perspective for you folks living up there on shore.  Instead of parking your car in the garage, park it 2-3 blocks away from your house.  Each time you want to go anywhere, you have to make that walk, in whatever the weather has in store for you, carrying whatever needs to be carried.

Hurry up!  The clothes are getting wet!
Case in point:  the laundry.  We do not have laundry facilities aboard Eolian, so laundry is done ashore, at the other end of that 1020 foot dock.  Here we see Jane bringing the clean, dry clothes back to the boat.  Tho you cannot see that it is raining in the picture, you can see it in Jane's face. 

I've said it before - living on a boat, you live in the environment - you are part of it, not just an observer of it.  You must needs give up some of the isolation in which we have cocooned ourselves.  The consequence is an intensified experience. 

And it really is wonderful.

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