Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009!

Happy Halloween! For us this year, it was a pumpkin-palooza!

It started on Thursday nite, when Ken and Erica hosted their annual pumpkin carving party. They had their carport decorated festively, and provided halloween goodies (others contributed more sugary goodness as they came). Adam and Jon brought the beer - an excellent pumpkin ale, and an amber. Then we all got to work. (Does it look to you that Adam may be enjoying the knife work a little too much?)

One of the best parts of this party is the growing display as the pumpkins are completed! So much creativity!

On Saturday nite we got to put the jack-o-lanterns to work... it was trick-or-treat on the dock. We had 5 sugar extortionists this year, not including Scott and Angela from Ghost, the pirate King and Queen of G-Dock.

And then, another party, of course! Hosted by Scott and Angela, it went on till late, while the kids were experimenting with their blood sugar levels.

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