Friday, November 6, 2009

Open Line Friday

I've done over 150 posts at this point, with the subject matter my own choice (with a couple of exceptions). I have been living aboard since 1997, so a lot (but not all!) of the novelty has become routine to me. That means that I am likely to miss interesting subjects simply because I no longer 'see' something when I am looking right at it. So, please lend me the benefit of your eyes...

Are you curious about something?
Do you have a, "What's it like when..." question?
Do you have a, "How do you..." question?

Help me tune this place to your interests. Post a comment (anonymously if you like), or send me email (my address is right up there on the top bar) suggesting a topic.

It's your turn.



Erick said...

I'm pretty interested how you got into sailing and what lead you to this life. Do you have any long distance passages you can share? I'll try to think of more!

bob said...

Thanks Erick - I will see what I can do with that.

Finding the time for a long distance passage is the hard thing, as long as you have to work for a living. But we were fortunate to be able to take a month and make a trip from Seattle up to Desolation Sound some time back. The hard part is how to deal with that much time without boring the reader. I have some ideas tho...


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