Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving To You!

Tuesday evening after dinner, while I was tuning up my guitar and getting ready for my guitar class, I heard a tapping on the hull. I stretched up, and Fred and Lynda from Black Opal were outside on the dock. I rushed up on deck, and was met by them, singing:

Happy Thanksgiving to you!
Happy Thanksgiving to you!
Happy Thanksgiving dear Eolian!
Happy Thanksgiving to you!

And then they gave me a lovely gift pack with a Thanksgiving-themed paper plate and napkin, and two heavenly Harvey Wallbanger cupcakes! It was a reverse trick-or-treat... Umm... a thank-and-treat! Then they went on to do other boats.

As you might have noticed, it was necessary to sample one of the cupcakes in order to make the quality assessment so I could report to you. I may have to repeat the testing in a minute. Just to be sure.

I am thankful for wonderful friends.


Anonymous said...

Bob -heard Jane didn't get hers!

bob said...

After quality control - 100% testing - there were none left. The testing showed that they were 100% excellent!

Anonymous said...

Being thankful for wonderful friends is WHY you got them!
"Black Opal"

fsb272 said...

So, Jane did NOT get hers! WELL,I'm sure you will get yours! (LOL)

Lynda said...

I'll make another batch for you both!!

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